TextDrive is no longer in business :(

TextDrive is no longer in business. If you are seeing this page you did not migrate per the notice that was posted by Dean Allen on discuss.textdrive.com.

As anyone looking for decent support or even useful information over the past few months can attest, the revival of TextDrive has not been a success.

What began in mid-2012 as an exciting challenge fuelled by good intentions and lean resources quickly turned into a cleanup project with almost no resources.

It is disappointing to report that after a year and a half of uphill battles and unimagined setbacks, after several costly efforts to regroup and find another way, options to keep TextDrive growing have run out, and we will cease operations on the 14th of March, 2014.

For those who wish to know, details of what went wrong will be made available once shutdown operations have completed.

Sorry to have let you down.


ex-TextDrive staff (over at Kaizen Garden) are assisting in their own time to get what data TextDrive still had after Ubiquity Hosting nuked the drives in the servers. As well as having some freelancers helping out to figure out what is going on.

Request your tarball and be patient. Amazon Glacier is a slow slow system to get data to restore ready. Not all data made it's way to Amazon Glacier and others that were on servers in New York that were in the process of being acquired were nuked unfortunately so that set of backups is gone gone. We are working on getting all the 26 servers in New York, Chicago, Atlanta and Phoenix back up in a state to dump data.


The backups are in Virtualmin's backup format. Hosts that use Virtualmin (i.e. Kaizen Garden) are able to restore those backups onto their shared hosting servers using Virtualmin's restore functionality.

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